Haganai Anthology v1c03


There aren’t many images to choose from with just 4 pages…

Chapter 3: If you want to get friends, you need a strategy to get their stomachs first!? (nini)
Mediafire (2mb)

For those wondering, chap 1 is here and chap 2 was released by Maigo.


8 thoughts on “Haganai Anthology v1c03

    • nope, haganai connect is an entirely different series. 😀
      you can see the dl link for the haganai anthology on their repository, in the haganai folder 😀

  1. Happy birthday, Roankun! Thanks, to you and everyone at KISS, for all your hard work!

    (I tried to leave this message at KISS, but it wouldn’t let me for some reason. I got a blank page in Firefox 16 in Windows 7. Probably some extension conflict. I’m glad they put a link to your blog!)

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