Haganai v1c08


Haganai Anthology Chapter 8
Kobato will do her best. (Takeiooki)
Link: Mediafire (3mb)

And a Kobato-focused chap this time. Bear with me if it comes off as sounding awkward. I really don’t know how to phrase those “thou’s and thy’s” and that Kyushu accent of hers…

Amanusya (Oneshot)


Title: Amanusya
Author/Artist: Hosokawa Shingi
Genres: Shounen, Action, Fantasy, etc.
Summary:  Three travelers visit a post town, a girl and a boy who seem like twins, and one man. Their goal is to seek great power, the Amanusya. In that town, they discover an evil conspiracy involving an Amanusya…
Links: Mediafire (25mb) | Batoto

This is a oneshot featured on Gangan Online on 2012/06/07. I felt like doing something short so I could add something to my list of “Finished Projects” 😛

Thanks to Derek for proofreading this.

Yellow Gate Teaser and Ninomae 12


Yellow Gate Teaser
Author/Artist: Mori Misaki
Summary: In order to pay for the debt that his parents left behind, Gin accepts an escort job from the bill collectors of the Tokugawa Group conglomerate. The client is a girl named Hikari who goes to Tokugawa Private Academy. Using the experience he gained from his previous part-time jobs, Gin protects Hikari along with the other escorts, Suke and Kaku. However, Hikari seems to have a hidden secret…!?
Link: Batoto

These are just pages 1-14, so consider this a teaser. There are still joins, redraws and proofreading to be made, but I just wanted to announce that I’ll be working on this with the help of kobester11 from Quantum Scans. It’s finished at 2 volumes. 🙂

Ninomae Shii no Tsukaikata 12
Maybe: His First Errand (Part2)
Link: Mediafire (6mb)

I’ve updated Jiyun’s name to Jun, and Probably to Maybe. Makes me kinda regret it since I had to check each chapter individually to see if there was still a Jiyun around. Anyway, volume 1 has been updated to Jun as well. I’ll didn’t change the DL for chaps 9-11. I’ll just do that in the vol 2 release.

btw, if anybody could find chaps 18-20 of Ninomae for me, that’d be a really great help.

Haganai Anthology v1c07

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Anthology
Chapter 07: You did it! Neighbor’s Club! (Shirabii × Kazahana Chiruwo)

Link: Mediafire (3mb)

The “You did it” in the title is negative, as in like, “oh no, you did it” or something like that.

I won’t put the credits on the pages anymore since I intend to have a volume release.

Translator/Typesetter: roankun
Cleaner: Kiss
Redrawer: Djscusa