Christmas Special!!!

…Or so I say, but this just a double release. I wanted to get more out, but was too busy translating for other people’s Christmas releases. lol. Anyway, here it is!

Haganai Anthology 09


How to Make Friends with Karaoke (atto)
Link: MF
Neighbor’s Club randomness as usual. Made me realize that my last release for this was a month ago ^^; Sorry guys. But don’t worry, I’ll finish this and vol 2 someday 😀 As usual, thanks to Kiss for cleaning!

Yellow Gate 02


Link: MF
I’m in the dog camp, but I’d love a cat like Daigorou ^^ Thanks to Finestyle for the speedy TS!
And, I’ve been wondering whether this was seinen or shounen, but since it’s in Comic Alive which is seinen, I guess that makes it seinen as well? ^^;

Have a merry Christmas, everyone! 😀


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