Ninomae Shii no Tsukaikata 21

Chapter 21: Maybe: A Monk

First release of 2013 ^^
I’ve actually got up to chap 25 translated, but typesetting is such a pain (not to mention, time-consuming), so that’s what’s taking me so long to release ^^;;;


4 thoughts on “Ninomae Shii no Tsukaikata 21

  1. About the TN on the last page, rather than implying that Shii uses GNU/Linux, the command “sudo sed […]” just point that he runs over an Unix-like OS, which could be GNU/Linux, BSD, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Minix, MacOS, etc.

    Also, when referring to “GNU/Linux”, please insert “GNU” before “Linux”, as GNU is the OS and Linux is its kernel – that is, although very important, “Linux” is a (very important) tiny part of the whole (“GNU”). Some may think this is irrelevant, but I think it’s nice to give people the rightful credit for their work. I mean, if the scanlation group A does the cleaning, typesetting, reviewing and distribution, while group B does only the translation, the release would be an “A-B joint release”, not only an “B group release”.

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