Ninomae Shii no Tsukaikata 23

Link: Chapter 23: Maybe: The King’s Barber
Dat amazing multi-colored hair. :3

Ninomae Shii is currently at chap 28. Chap 29’s scheduled to be released on 1/18, and apparently, it’s the last. T.T
Oh, I’ve given it a little thought, but you see, if you take it as (Ni no mae shii), regardless of whether it’s in hira or kata or kanji, it’s gonna end up as C before 2. Bending a few grammar rules, you could take it as (Ni no mae) (Shii), then it’s gonna be (Before 2) (C) which would then mean 1C, so… Well, whatever.

Anyway, my internet connection’s acting up, so basically, I’ve got no internet these past few days, and maybe for the next few days as well. I have no idea when it’s gonna get fixed, but for the meantime, expect nothing from me. I’m all stressed out without the internet >.<

I’m using my father’s connection right now, but it doesn’t reach up to my room, and it’s awkward doing stuff in your parents’ room, so yeah. 😦


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