Abnormal-kei Joshi 01

Title: Abnormal-kei Joshi | Abnormal Girls | 危ノーマル系女子
Author/Artist: Sanada Eleven
Genre: Seinen, Adult, Mature, Romance, School Life
Official Summary: Shinya-kun is surrounded by mysterious girls. Shinya-kun is friends with those girls. Shinya-kun is having a fun school life with those friends.
This work contains graphic violence. Please read at your own discretion.

Link: Chapter 01 V2

Well, what can I say? It’s really rare that a manga with those kind of genres actually has furigana, so I was really excited to do this. (It’s actually exam week for me, but lol, this took priority for some reason).

Anyway, I’m not actually sure if anybody else is doing this, but from what I can see, a bunch of guys were supposed to do it, but I guess, they were like, conscious of the other groups which is why nobody ended up doing it or something?

This is a solo project by me.  I’ll have the next chap done after my exams (currently up to chap 4) ^^

On another note, if anyone has Chapter 2 of Strobo, I’d love to read it. Cool story, too bad it’s on hiatus.


23 thoughts on “Abnormal-kei Joshi 01

  1. Thanks for this new series.
    The girls are all so…interesting (I guess?)!!! The guy is quite tolerant too… I wonder how it will develop…

  2. >a bunch of guys were supposed to do it
    Was mainly waiting for volume 1 and to see if Sanada was actually gonna follow a schedule, but now that you’ve picked it up that’ll save me some time. Your TL is pretty good for the most part, despite making it sound like you need furigana, so keep up the good work.

    A quick glance over a few pages I saw on /a/ and all I found was “Do H with me” on page 7.
    The meaning is “I wanna have sex with Tooka-chan~” (Hする = エッチする; して~ = したい)

    • Oh, so that’s what happened… Well, it seems to like he’s not gonna follow a schedule though, seeing as how chapter 5 doesn’t have a date listed. And lol, yes, I need furigana. It’s confidence-problem thing >.<

      About the H thing, I knew that but I guess I wanted to keep it as H. I'll change it in the batch release ^^
      Anyway, thanks 😀

  3. Thank you for introducing this into my life. The whackjobs tend to be my favourite girls in other series, so to have an entire manga full of them is nothing short of glorious.

  4. This is crazy, but definitely pretty unique for it…. Heh, I love how much the summary understates everything.

    Thanks for this! Keep up the good work!

  5. Woahh this is awesome. If you’d like, I wouldn’t mind doing cleaning & typesetting ahaha. (Don’t have much experience though, currently training at transcendence…)

  6. Fuggin AMAZING series starter. If only all harems had 1% of the charisma shown in this first chapter, I’d be a DAMN happy man! Thanks a lot for introducing this series to me (^,^)/!

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