Little War (Oneshot) and Haganai Anthology v1c16


Link: Little War (Oneshot)
Author/Artist: Hiyanagi Hajime
Summary: Today, Japan is at peace as well.

I found this short oneshot on the as Entry no. 24 in the 2nd Club Sunday Cup. No, it didn’t win anything but it had ONE LINE. I couldn’t help myself >.<


Chapter 16: Swimsuit Exhibition

We get some lol-worthy “belly art” in this chapter. Thanks again to Seoyun for typesetting!

On another note, as my thanks for helping me with typesetting, me and Seoyun will be picking up Baka ga Zenra de Yattekuru.
Oh, and here’s the batch release for Abnormal-kei Joshi


Haganai Anthology v1c12


Chapter 12: Rose-colored Youth?

A Yukimura-focused chapter this time by Toru Kei (also the one who made ch13, Telephone Shocking previously scanlated by Maigo Scans).

Special thanks to Seoyun who volunteered to typeset this series!

By the way, apparently, Haganai Anthology has now got 3 volumes. O.o Seriously, how popular is this series? Can’t wait for the final episode for this season. >.< Oh, and the cover for Volume 3 is just beautiful. I could stare at it the whole day @.@