Abnormal-kei Joshi 04

Link: Chapter 04

This is probably the last chapter you’ll see from us in a while. No, we’re NOT dropping the series, but there hasn’t been a new chapter for a couple of months now. Although yes, this chapter did have a “To be continued” sign on it, but we’ll see.

If anyone sees a new chapter released on the Comic Meteor site (and we didn’t notice), just inform us and we’ll work on it right away 😀


15 thoughts on “Abnormal-kei Joshi 04

  1. Oh Roankun, you always know how to make me smile, then frown, then do both at the same time and shatter the wall which holds this world together. Thanks for a good release and I look forward to more(hopefully)

  2. oh, shit. I am translating into Portuguese and just released the four chapters that you have provided kk hope to release the next chapters, my readers liked the manga. anyway thanks for a job well done that you do!

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