Haganai Anthology v1c14

Chapter 14: Romance of the Three Kingdoms is a Loner’s Achievement (Shibamine Takashi)

Seriously, what’s the big deal with Romance of the Three Kingdoms? I don’t remember Kodaka being such a fan in the novels -.-
Again, thanks to Seoyun for typesetting. ^^



6 thoughts on “Haganai Anthology v1c14

  1. The romance of the three kingdoms is referenced frequently in the novels by Kodaka and Yukimura.

    Also, what happened to chapter 13?

      • Hmm, it’s not on mangaupdates.

        Could you tell me what they released it under so I could request a rename?

      • ummm… i think it was boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai anthology preview? i don’t think they posted a release on MU. fyi, they also released ch 2 and 15. 😀

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