Abnormal-kei Joshi 05


Chapter 5: “Honestly speaking, that was just a coincidence.”
See the promotion for vol1 of the manga on Youtube.

Can you believe this? The chapter was out on April 3, and on the same day, FIVE people came and told me about it @.@ Just how hyped up is this? lol, anyway, thanks to psychedelia’s speedy typesetting, here’s chapter five of Abnormal-kei Joshi!

Again, there’s no schedule for the next chap, but Comic Meteor says to look forward to it, so let’s do so >.< Inform me again when there’s an update, okay~? (Oh, and that’s not really the chap title, but it’s the “quote” written next to the update, so I went with it.)

On another note, it’s my first time getting a DMCA complaint on Mediafire… And for Haganai too! @.@


19 thoughts on “Abnormal-kei Joshi 05

    • Think of it carefully:
      His target is a brocon yandere
      And he’s been spotted by THE yandere stalker

      And with the pre-chapter conversation, I think what’ll happen is that the guy runs into the psychokiller

      It’s not going to mind fuck central, it’s going to he’s fucked central.

  1. thank you very much, this chapter made my day
    glad everyone tell you ASAP, that means this manga sooner or later will become popular by itself

  2. You posted another amazing chapter Roankun. You keep making these great releases and then just sort of sit back and smile when people enjoy your work. You should only do that for me. You are mine mine mine mine MINEMINEMINEMINEMINE.


  3. Chapter 6 finally is here dont know if you already knew but lets post it here anyway
    http:// comic-meteor.jp/abnormal/

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