Darwin’s Game 03

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This considerably fast release is brought to you by all the people from the credits page. :3
Oh, and you get a completely random girl-in-underwear cover page too. XD
If you have the cash to spare, please donate to Kiss Scans as they’re the ones providing us with raws for this series. Thanks a lot!

YELLOW GATE 0157-0158What’s this Yellow Gate page doing in my Darwin’s Game release?
This chapter just reminded me of this scene, s’all. :3


10 thoughts on “Darwin’s Game 03

  1. hi! i’m from darknessz-scan i wanted to know that if can i get the permission to re-translate this manga into thai version, in fact i already translated all 3 chapter though. This is my blog
    ” darknessz-scan.blogspot.com “

    • well, if you’ve already translated it, then there’s nothing i can do, right? XD
      but sure, go ahead anyway. just credit those that deserve to be credited ๐Ÿ™‚

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