Yandere Harem 06

Chapter 6: My dear sister… Surely, you’re not being targeted, are you…?

Speedy scanlation coming up! *proud* Brought to you in less than 24 hours (don’t really know what time it was released but anyway), here’s ch6 of yandere harem 😀 I really wish they’d put a set date for the releases, although it’s kinda interesting(?) getting messages from people telling me it’s out (thanks to them, btw).

Thanks to psychedelia for editing! Again, no set date for ch7, so just let me know if you see it when you stalk Comic Meteor 😛


22 thoughts on “Yandere Harem 06

  1. I can’t help but think that this guy is the most “abnormal” one of the group.
    The storx is very interesting, I hope we get to see a lot more of this!

    Thank you very much for scanlating this!

      • Online? I was wondering what you meant by “stalk Comic Meteor”. So how does this work if there’s no set release, is it similar to a webcomic or something?

      • I don’t read webcomics, so I don’t know how those work, but they say there was a date written on the page 3-4 days(?) before the release. Well, you can always subscribe to the RSS Feed. >.<

  2. You are honestly the only scanlator I regularly visit just to say good job because you do amazing work. Thank you so much! I have nothing witty to say because I am sort of drunk, but imagine I did! Thanks again, fantastic work.

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