Iinari Princess 04

touch04: Sudsy☆Princess

Whew, and that’s the last of my manga spurt for this week (or maybe month). >.< I think I’m burnt out. Also sent the TL for Last Game 18 to asdf Scans, so you can expect that sometime. Sorry I can’t provide you with Megu Milk. Maybe if someone nice volunteers to help Nolibrarium with the typesetting, we could chug the rest of the chaps out? :3


Mahou Shoujo Site 02

ENTER.02 Yatsumura Tsuyuno

Weeeeeeell, what can I say again? >.< I suddenly got another 3 days of vacation due to public holidays and *gasp* bad weather. 😦 That’s kinda sad, coz while I’m enjoying my days off from school, some people are getting flooded out of their houses and stuff. Let’s pray for them. (^-人-^) Oh, and pray for my grades too. XD

Anyway, enjoy this dose of tragic girl with her sadist nii-chan and homicidal schoolmates. @.@;;;;; Next chapter’s due on 9/12. Someone, please message me so I won’t forget. 😀

Mahou Shoujo Site 01

Chapter 1: Mahou Shoujo Site

Weeeeeeellll, what can I say? XDDD

The other day, I stumbled upon the crossover of Hakaijuu, Mahou Shoujo of the End and Versus Earth. After talking to Taka, we decided we’ll do it, so I went looking for the final chapter, which happens to be online on a site called Champion Tap. While browsing through it, I found this, and I couldn’t help myself. >.< Not to mention, it reminds me of Yandere Harem for some reason……..

It doesn’t seem to be a spin-off (yet) of Mahou Shoujo of the End. Just another mahou shoujo story, since the mahou shoujos seem kinda different this time? Well, it is made by the same author, so you never know.

Taka’s sure to be mad at me for this, since he told me before not to do it. Coz he said he wants his mahou shoujo crazy, not helpful. Lol.

Well anyway, it’s been a long time since I solo’d a project. Took me about 7 hours to chug this one chapter out, including searching for the images on my cache, since OMD doesn’t support the site yet. >.< Was (and is) kinda hesitant to ask for help, since I am on hiatus.

It seems to be monthly, and chapter 2 is out. I dunno when I’ll be able to do that, since I already used up all my free time for this chapter. >.< It’s been a long post. Til next time, dudes!

I’M ALIIIIIVE!!! [Mashiro 12 (volume release)]

Mashiroiro Symphony Chapter 12
Volume 2

Aaaand this series is finally done!!! lol, the final chapter was TS’ed more than 2 months ago. >.< Apologies for the late release. Special thanks to Roertito who made my day with his comment. You made me happy, dude. >:D Oh, and the reason I found some time to finish this chap was because Friday was a holiday for me because it was the end of Ramadan. Allelujah! >.<

Kidding aside (I’m Christian, btw), no progress on almost all the other series I’m working on, but I’m kinda struggling with school and my clubs right now, so yeah, that takes priority. Oh, but if there’s anyone here who’s willing to typeset Iinari Princess (borderline-H), I have the TL’s for chaps 4 and 5, so I’ll get right onto proofreading it (by next week) if anyone steps up to typeset it. 😀

P.S. I really am just kidding. >.< Hopefully no one gets offended by the Allelujah comment.