I’m alive!!! But I’m gonna disappear again XD (Sana 02)

Wind of Silk – Chapter 2: I don’t want to breathe the same air as you!

Lol, I’m alive, but… XD I’m gonna go MIA again. Was just releasing some stuff that were stuck on QC. >.<
‘Til next time~ :3

@Roertito, never give up! There will never be a reason good enough to justify suicide. 😀
A question to everyone: what series of mine are you reading?


13 thoughts on “I’m alive!!! But I’m gonna disappear again XD (Sana 02)

  1. Series of yours I am reading (I don’t know how many of these you are still doing, just looking at the bakaupdates page):

    Abnormal-kei Joshi
    Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai – Koushiki Anthology Comic

    Hatoko-san to Rabukome
    Iinari Princess
    Juukinzoku Kanojo (you dropped it)
    Megu Miruku
    Oniichan dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne (you dropped it)
    Ore to Ichino no Game Doukoukai Katsudou Nisshi
    Photo Kano – Your Eyes Only (you dropped it)
    Sexual Hunter Riot
    Shuukaku no Juunigatsu
    Trauma Ryoushi Kesshou

  2. I really enjoyed Mashiro-Iro Symphony (thanks for getting it finished ^^) and I enjoy this one as well. Whatever you can do whenever will be fine. I’m a patient person.

  3. Damn thank you so much for releasing this, there were no translators for symphony wind of silk in such a long time it made me sad

  4. Since you asked, you got me hooked on Darwins Game. I really wanted to see more and was sad to see you took a hiatus. It looked like a really great series. Please get back to it when you could, or maybe try to get others to try to translate it? I really do love the series. Thanks for 4 chapters, in any case.

  5. I read almost everything from here, even so, my favorite ones are Abnormal Harem Joshi and Boku something Tomodachi blah blah, this last was the one that take me here, I read the Spanish version that Djscusa work on (AmanteAnime/Seinagi), and I wanted to come here to say thanks.

    I didn’t read Darwin Game ’cause I was looking for a romance series and Darwin Game didn’t have it in BakaUpdates so I never touched it xdd

    An finally, thanks again for the message, maybe a little harsh if was not me, but good a good thing,

    Silla! (means “chair” but sounds like “see yah” in Spanish xd)

    • I apologize for the delay, but it’s really out of my hands. >.< I've finished translating Megu Milk months ago, so all we can do right now is bug Nolibrarium to finish typesetting it ;))) Or maybe find another typesetter, which I'm not really inclined to do.

  6. I just marathoned Last Game, and it makes me sad to see you’re on hiatus. I see that it’s a joint though, so maybe there’s still hope for a release in the near future.

    • Sometime soon, probably. I’ve been playing the PSP game, and I’m currently on Sana’s route. Really makes me want to work on it >.< (though the game is clearly superior to the manga).

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