Mahou Shoujo Site 02

ENTER.02 Yatsumura Tsuyuno

Weeeeeeell, what can I say again? >.< I suddenly got another 3 days of vacation due to public holidays and *gasp* bad weather. 😦 That’s kinda sad, coz while I’m enjoying my days off from school, some people are getting flooded out of their houses and stuff. Let’s pray for them. (^-人-^) Oh, and pray for my grades too. XD

Anyway, enjoy this dose of tragic girl with her sadist nii-chan and homicidal schoolmates. @.@;;;;; Next chapter’s due on 9/12. Someone, please message me so I won’t forget. 😀


12 thoughts on “Mahou Shoujo Site 02

  1. Thanks for translating it, Never could have known this manga if you didn’t picked this! so far… I love it!~ well, Keep up the good work

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