Yandere Harem 07

Abnormal-kei Joshi Chapter 7: That Night

psychedelia: aiming for one-day release forever

Must’ve shocked psychedelia when I suddenly greeted her with a “Get to work!” Kudos to her for typesetting and thanks to nigslayer for telling me that chap 7 is out. This is really good timing, coz my midterm exams just ended today. XD

Is it just me, or is this series getting boring? >.<


19 thoughts on “Yandere Harem 07

  1. nay … not boring …
    actually it give depth to some character … and event for story …
    that vampire, stalker … and our lovely going to skrew teacher …


    Pacing has slowed down noticeably. This chapter was mostly repetitive plot-related stuff, but I have confidence that shit will get real very soon.

  3. not bored, just slow. But the slow factor have more to do with long break between releases and not actually the pacing. Last chapter came out like what? 3 months ago?

  4. Thank you <3333
    The series keeps getting better to me though, ah I love Shinya x Tooka
    And volume 2 hasnt been out in Japan yet, over a year already, hm~~~ :/ anyway thanks again for the hard work ^^

  5. Yandere Harem indeed. I have to say I like the series, thanks for translating it.

    Pacing is way slow, but even more felt when the last one came out three months ago. If they could release more often then the artificial slowness would be blown off and you’d have the slow, gnawing terror of a serial killer who’s realizing hes about to be set upon by a pack of wolves and sharks. Thus the psychological part. There was another manga that wound up getting canned that had a good ‘hunted prey’ element to it, but sadly it got scrapped right at the good part.

  6. I don’t read manga but my friend showed me this on Mangafox and I had to come to your site just to post how much I like this series. Keep doing what you do!

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