Imaimo 01

Imasugu Onii-chan ni Imouto da tte Iitai!
Chapter 1: Encounter

Three words: Matsuri, mai waifu :3

Long title, so official abbreviation, Imaimo. Official english title: “I wanna say that I’m not your brother right now!” Why brother when it’s clearly imouto? Read the chapter to find out.

Manga adaptation of the VN by fairys, a branch-ish of the sprite, the dudes who did Koichoco. Okay, so what brought this about? It was love at first sight, I tell you. I was on a search for moe less than a year ago, and stumbled upon this: - 150295 sampleNanase Matsuri. Best girl in the series. At that time, I didn’t know she was Nanase Matsuri, I didn’t know she was a genki-ish girl with a childhood friend aura, I didn’t know she was voiced Itou Kanae. When I saw that pic, it was <3. I don’t care if people say her route isn’t really all that fulfilling. …Okay, maybe I do, considering that I’m planning on starting the game next week. BUT THAT WON’T CHANGE MY LOVE FOR HER! ❤

“Why pick up a new series when you’re already behind on everything?” Pshaw, love doesn’t care about that. (I couldn’t concentrate on school ever since the moment I decide to work on this, so yeah, call it self-gratification if you want.)

I’ve been wanting to pick this up ever since I saw that the game had a manga (thanks to ER’s daioh raws), which had decent (dare I say, good) art. I was actually looking for raws the other day, and was pretty surprised to find out that this was already scanlated. …in Thai. @.@ Anyway, special thanks goes to Taka for teaching me how to clean *.* (although I think I messed up some parts… well.. I tried >.<)

I’m 13 chaps behind, and I don’t plan on catching up. >.< I do plan on releasing at least a chapter per month though, and even though I pretty much solo this project (with some help in the color redraws), I will follow through on that plan no matter what. >:) So, everyone, share in the love and glory and beauty of this goddess named Nanase Matsuri ❤

For a detailed review of the game, go here.
For the opening animation of the game, go here.

tl;dr: Matsuri, mai waifu :3 Because that’s the only thing that matters.

P.S. Darwin’s Game, coming soonTM
P.P.S. Ryouko’s hair is white with pink tips. @.@


Baka Zenra 04

Chapter 4: My small bit of courage

Moe moe Shouko? Sorry this took so long. >.< I got bored of translating for a while and… the rest is history. >.< Fortunately, Chapter 5 is already translated, so at least we know now that it won’t be stalled there 😛

Darwin’s Game, unfortunately, won’t be done by this weekend. Sorry. :((( Maybe next weekend?

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Mahou Shoujo Site 05

ENTER.05 Identity

Next chap comes out on December 12. Someone, please remind me >.< Currently looking for typesetters who are willing to work on this series once a month ^^ No need for experience, I’ll train you >:) Send me an email or leave a comment.

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Yandere Harem 08 (Masochist Route)

What a nice smile… Then you find out what she’s thinking about. D:
Abnormal-kei Shoujo 08: “I keep going around and owing people stuff. Something must be wrong with me.”

Hey you. Yes, you. I am disappointed in you. Did I not tell you to leave a comment in my blog when a new chapter is released on Comic Meteor? You have failed your duty as roankun’s aide. Tsk tsk.

lol, well, kidding aside… Yeah, no one told me about this chapter, so I really did not notice when it was released in November 6. Now our one-day release streak is broken. 😥 Thanks goes to Fstop for messaging me on batoto about this chapter and psychedelia for typesetting. So yeah, next time Sanada Juuichi decides to release a chapter, leave a comment so I’ll know about it. Thanks ^^

Moving on to other matters, I’ve started a one page a day campaign, wherein I translate at least one page a day for the following manga: Darwin’s Game, Baka ga Zenra de Yattekuru, Last Game and Sakura Sakura. Sure, one page a day isn’t much, but hey, it gets things done. XD At least you’ll know I’ll finish translating the chapter in a month. And there are times when I get this burst of energy, and as a result, I’ve finished translating Darwin’s Game 05 and Last Game 20 and half of 21. DG will be typeset when I get hold of Taka for the cleans.

So… apologies for the lateness, but I’m not dead yet!!! (I was just busy playing the Mashiroiro Symphony PSP game :P)