Release delays >.<

lol, well… what can i say? apologies. >.< i’ve got exams this week, then i’m leaving for a cruise right after my last day of exams, so… yeah. i don’t think i can manage any releases until after then. and then, you know, christmas festivities and whatnot, so the next release will probably be… i dunno. anyway, i promise to release at the very least BEFORE new year >.< i promise to release at least one chapter of Darwin’s Game BEFORE new year. so, yeah… Darwin’s Game, coming soonTM

Don’t get tired of waiting, please, because it WILL come. SoonTM. Also, I need experienced cleanerslaves who can clean those HQ scans of that dirty Bessatsu Shounen Champion printing for Darwin, so if you can help, just leave a comment or send me an email. Thankies!

Before I forget, I’d like to thank the following people for successfully registering in Dropbox with my referral and gave me extra space:
excr from Orinjido (who somehow got me gb’s of extra space)

I’d like to thank the following people for trying >.<



4 thoughts on “Release delays >.<

  1. If i may ask a question.
    The manga megu milk is under completely translated, but i can’t find it anywhere. May I know why this is so?
    thank you for your time.

    • lol, well, it’s completely TRANSLATED, but it’s not completely released. XD iirc, chapter 15 (which is the last) is still stuck in typesetting >.< sorry about that.

      • there is no need for you to appologize, you did your job and from previous experience i can say you probably did an excelent job. thank you for your hard work on this manga series and all the others you working and have worked on.
        i hope i can finnish all the other series that you have translated, and i hope that you have a great vacation.

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