Happy 2014!

Happy 2014 guys! And because of that, let’s have some lovely Matsuri! Don’t mind the imouto next to her. >.>


Now, on to the releases~ Have your monthly dose of Imaimo and some Sana~

matsuri love
Imaimo 03: Mao and Kimika
We meet the rest of the harem, but none of that matters! All that matters is Matsuri~ Hnnnggghhh~ ❤

If someone starts a project to translate the VN, tell me. I’ll join to translate Matsuri’s route faster than you can say “Hnnnngggghhhh”! …Maybe >.<

sana why
Sana Inui Route 04: Try being my first guy friend!

There we go~ Happy new year, dudes! :3 What’s your new year’s resolution for 2014? Mine is… to get a life XDDD


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