Fujimi Lovers (Teaser)

FujimiFujimi Lovers

A new series!? Seriously!? Yes, seriously.

Some stuff after the jump.

Page 1-7 Download
It seems that wordpress hates me for some reason, so here’s the link, if the above doesn’t work = http://www.mediafire.com/?lj884wjdrn0bwtg/

“Important” stuff about the future of this series, here:


tl;dr: Help! >.<

And yes, I know Yandere Harem comes out on Feb 5. Thanks for the reminder. However, it’s my exam week, so it’ll PROBABLY have to wait until the weekend. XD


3 thoughts on “Fujimi Lovers (Teaser)

  1. At last!!!! You picked this up T.T
    Thanks. I’ve been praying for someone to pick this up! :3

    I know someone who has the tank version of this xD If you want someone to clean it I’d be glad to help.

  2. Hey, I’m a translator for some series and I receive raws from 10th Mystery. If you want I could probably furnish you with his HQ mag raws^^ Good luck with this series it’s really awesome (I still need to read the lastest two chapters).

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