Belated Valentines >.< (Imaimo 04)

Belated Valentines XDDD

Imaimo 04: Encounter and Reunion

Will be seeing less of Matsuri from now on, so I’m not sure where my motivation is 😥 WHYYYYY? WHY IMOUTO ROUTE WHYYYY!? Someone message odamasa on twitter and tell him to make a Matsuri spin-off XDDDD

Oh, and Darwin 06 will be a bit late. I forgot it still has redraws to be done >.<

Yandere Harem 9 & Mendokusai 01

Apologies for the delay. I had exams. And my internet isn’t working, and Mediafire hates my neighbor’s wifi, so bear with Batoto for now.

Abnormal-kei Joshi 09: “Were you even listening?”
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And another series I found on Comic Meteor:

Omaera Zenin Mendokusai / You’re all annoying!
Author/Artist: Tobi
#1: I’m not your friend, I’m your teacher.
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