Mahou Shoujo Site 07

mahou shoujo
007.Anazawa Nijimi

Typical otaku room of a typical otaku in a typical idol manga. Wait. What was this manga about again?

Kicking starting February with one release. How many will I be able to get out this month? XDDD


10 thoughts on “Mahou Shoujo Site 07

    • I’m just the translator for that series though. ^^; Have up to ch16 tl’ed. Last update I got from Taka was that 14 was being typeset, and 15 was being cleaned, and Mahou got licensed, so I said we should hurry up and finish the series before it gets released >.< Just be patient, they'll be out sooner or later 😀

  1. Thanks for the release. By the way in case you didn’t know about it, chapter 9 of Abnormal-kei Joshi has been released on Comic Meteor.

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