Darwin’s Game 07

game#07 http://www.mediafire.com/?bax2acfebee48da/

Exams finally done, so, yeah. Still looking for cleaners!

EDIT: Mmmggrrhrhr. WordPress is messing with my DL links again -_- Just copy paste the link.

Anyway, I think I’ve gone crazy and started watching these corny k-dramas, and… *gasp* I actually like them @.@ In particular, I’ve become a fan of goddess Song Hye-kyo, so if any of you could help me fine raws or videos of this series, Sunshine of Love, I’d owe you for life *.* Couldn’t find English subs anywhere, but I found Japanese subs, so I’d probably translate that to English if someone helps me find the videos *.*

P.S. Yes, I heard that that series is crap. Who cares? It’s Song Hye-kyo *.*