Fujimi Lovers 01


#1 Hasebe!

Raaaaaawr. Here you go, you ungrateful bitches >:P



21 thoughts on “Fujimi Lovers 01

  1. I have to say that this MC is sure something…if it was me, I would gone crazy, his perseverance is sure astounding.

    • Er, I guess? Of course, I get help from other people for typesetting and stuff. Basically the people in the credits, to whom I’m very grateful to. But none of them are like, “full-time employees” or anything. It’s a free market: easy to enter, easy to leave 😛

      • Evening roan~

        About that TL for Last Game…Um…I don’t know if you received my courier about it but just incase here’s the tracking number for the delivery:


        Last I checked it arrived at the customs in Timbuktu, check your mail for the delivery notice. You probably wasn’t at home to receive it :3

        (I tried Imaimo, it was cute x3! Thanks for the TL on that too!)

      • I would to help but I’m a working that getting ready for his university exam. Being an adult is really tiring, no time for fun LOL!

        Thank again for translating manga, you really a great job at picking this one; unique story/concepts and non-freaking densed MC.

        Well good luck man, I’ll be expecting more of your work.

  2. I’d be willing to help with the redraws :3 Never done any scanlation work, but I’ve done tons of redraws for my blog. I can do some cleaning and typesetting, too, if you need some help there. Shoot me an email if you still need the help!

  3. This is too good. I feel the crusties on my cynic’s heart coming off. Bring back my innocence! More of this please.

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