Fujimi 02 & Bocchi 01

Fujimi Lovers #2: I need to, don’t I!?

Isshuukan Frien- Er, Ichinichi Friends, anyone? >.< Still recruiting for more redrawers~!

Bocchi na Bokura no Renai Jijou Chapter 1

Hnnnnnggggh! An honest tsundere!? Relationship development!? I feel like I’ve been waiting all my life for a manga like this. And Chitose is so HNNNNGGGGHHHH!!!

Hm? Me? Retiring? Ow, ow! Stop bonking me on the head πŸ˜₯ Yes, I know I’m a stupid, idiotic fool πŸ˜₯ BUT I CAN’T HELP IT! Chitose is ❀ ❀

Although I technically broke my own rules, since 1) I picked up an ongoing manga and 2) it has no furigana >.< But yes, I’m still retiring πŸ˜›

P.S. Should I put loners or singles?


17 thoughts on “Fujimi 02 & Bocchi 01

  1. I’d like to thank Roankun for allowing me to be his proofreader on Fujimi Lovers. It has been a ton of fun working with him.

    (Not to mention that he is willing to put up with my idiotic side comments that I have a bad habit of inserting into my proofs from time to time!!!)

  2. hey! i picked up reading your fujimi lovers translation and i really like this manga, good taste on your side! so don’t drop it please, too many good manga get dropped bc they’re not so popular with the mainstream naruto crowd. thank you very much for your efforts!!

  3. Just started this series and thought I should give you a note on Bocchi V1 in case you haven’t already fixed it / are going to fix it.

    Word used is unsold goods, not unsold good (eg in r028.jpg). If you want a wordsmith/checker to help for the series let me know via my email as it looks intersting.

  4. Fujimi Lover is the best manga I’ve ever discovered in the entire year. It’s so good !!! Every pages filled me up with so much emotion that I want to explode right now !! Thanks you very much for the translation and I hope to see the new chapters soon πŸ˜€

  5. Just wondering, what all does a redrawer do? Im more then capable of cleaning and prepping pages, but cannot into translating.

      • I would love to do whatever possible to assist with fujimi lovers. I am unable to actually draw, but if you’re in need of a cleaner, I’m available. Ill clean other scans as well. Feel free to contact me whenever.
        Thanks for your releases.

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