Love Tyrant 11

Yepp, definitely, with that khukuri thingy between them.

Love Tyrant: Eleventh Episode

Errrr, yeaaaaaah, picking this up >.< It’s totally hilarious. Probably won’t be able to catch up anytime soon (latest is ch21), but I will do what I can. >.< (Retiremeeeeent…! Nooooo…!! Don’t go awaaaay…!!!)

Got permission from Kuudere Scans. Requested by lolisamu.

P.S. In case you haven’t noticed, I have a… thing, for dropped series >.<


33 thoughts on “Love Tyrant 11

    • Ermmm… It’s グリ in Japanese which is Guri in romaji. You COULD maybe stretch it a little and use Gris, but then I wouldn’t know whether to use Gris’s or Gris’ in possessive, so I stuck with Guri XP

  1. Awesome. Thank you for the release. Really funny and cute chapter. Keep up the good work.

    Praise the Sun.

  2. I followed this before and almost forget how fun it was, now it’s back with the kind sponsorship of roankun™.

    Praise The roankun Helix!

    Thank you for picking this up! Been waiting for new chapters of this loveable series 🙂
    Can’t believe it was dropped.
    But hope has been restored! XD

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