Hakoiri 40

Me been reading too many Soul Eater fanfics XDD

Chapter 40: Wish

Thanks to Hobbes for TSing!


15 thoughts on “Hakoiri 40

  1. WTF ANOTHER CHAPTER SO FAST? OMFG I CANT HOLD IT IN ANYMORE IM GONNA CUM!!!!! ARGAGAGAGAGAGAGAGAG. Oh please translate the last chapter soon, I will be very grateful. Your efforts will remain in my heart forever, and also in my penis as well.

    • I finished the last chapter yesterday, so it’s all up to Roankun to QC it and release it. Hope you’ve enjoyed my crunch time while I have a good friend staying with me TvT

      • OMG YESYESYESYES. If I was a chick I would ask to bear your child!!!!! But I am a dude but its ok because with the rate of technological advancement. One day guys would probably be able to give birth as well. When that day happens I will find you and I will have your man child :DDDDDDDDD

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