Hakoiri 41 [End]

Courtesy of Hobbes 😛

Final Chapter: Together Forever
Hakoiri Devil Princess v06 c36-41 [Sense-Scans & THMMY  Scans & roankun]

Well, it’s finally over. Bob, you can stop wanting my children now XD

Special thanks to Sense Scans and THMMY Scans for letting me include their scans in the volume release!


14 thoughts on “Hakoiri 41 [End]

  1. Thx a lot for finish this manga. Just leave a series incomplete or dropped near the end its really bad.. soo thx a lot for translate the final chapters!

  2. Many thanks for finishing this manga up! This was one of the earlier mangas I started reading when I got into the hobby, and in fact was one of the first series I ever actually bought the tanks for. Unfortunately, the English releases stopped after only a couple of volumes, so it’s been a long road to get to this point! 😉

  3. Oh just you wait. I’m gonna get a sex change and become a female. Then I’m gonna find out where you live and break into your house in the middle of the night. Then I’m gonna drug you and rape you with the force of 1000 suns. HAGAGAGHAGAHAGAHAAGAGAHA. Well, I guess in the meantime I’ll just go have a wanking competition with dog instead DUNDUNDUNDUNDUNNUNUN. Anyways thanks to every who worked on this, really appreciate it. Your efforts have touched my heart and penis greatly.



  4. Thank you very much for this chapter ! I hope the next chapter of Renai Boukun will be released soon, it’s too funny ! Thank for your hard work on this serie !

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