Imaimo 07

Dat troll face

Chapter 7: Our First Ouka Sai

Stuff happened, so… yeah. Rawr, Stalker >_< Thanks to smileyface and Black Phoenix!

Exam week is fast approaching for me, so….. yeah. Fuck. My. Life. Although, there will be regular releases of this since all the chaps are ready for release except 13 and 15. lol. I’ll be releasing them one by one because I’m half-sadist. >:) (not to mention, I don’t think anybody cares if I stall this series </3)



5 thoughts on “Imaimo 07

  1. Well, part of the blame it’s also mine… Chapter 15 in terms of redraws is still not finished because of my work overload!

    So I take part of the blame, but I hope to finish in a near future…

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