Bocchi 06 & Hana 5

Bocchi na Bokura no Renai Jijou: Chapter 6


@johan8989: I-It’s not like I did this for you or anything! Don’t get the wrong idea! *tsun*

Hana to Uso to Makoto: Chapter 5

These are, according to MU, my 301st and 302nd release! Yayyy!

EDIT: Fvck. Typo on the Bocchi image 😥

22 thoughts on “Bocchi 06 & Hana 5

  1. Roan thanks for Bocchi na Bokura no Renai Jijou.

    And you’ve got your hand in so many things, relax man relax.

  2. is true what MD frosnbite said is that your hands are busy to do everything you do. but you are my only option to find what they say on this story …..

    I tried to download programs to translate exact images without success :S:S:S. and the series is on the 11 chapter, well 12 is out know .. 9 in Japanese on the internet. I’m desperate to know what they in the story say in chapter 6,7,8!

    ok, now 7 and 8 thanks to you, that´s why I beg you if you can translate the chapter…

    so I´m very sorry, but when you have time to translate them. please : (: (: (.

    you do a very good job and thanks for translating my favorite serie xD

    I will wait eagerly for the chapters of Bocchi, of course… when you really can, without stress hehe.


    • Hey Johan8989! Thanks for liking it so much!

      At the moment, Bocchi 7 and 8 are currently translated, all they need is to be typeset by me. Hopefully within the next two weeks they should be done!

      Sorry for keeping you waiting/

      • thank you very much.. I’ll wait…. i really want to know what they said in 7 and 8 chapter *.*

        thanks jeje

    • If my laziness continues it’s streak of, uh… *Thinks Back* as long as I’ve been alive, then you’ll be HNNNGHing for about a week!

      I see absolutely no problem with this, as that’s exactly what I”m doing before and while I’m typesetting it.

  3. Many thanks for the Bocchi na Bokura!
    i just cant wait.
    Thank you for of all your hard work in Bocchi na Bokura!.

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