Fujimi Lovers 03 [Volume Release]

Everyone has that one friend……….

Fujimi Lovers 03: Cohabiting in a prefab!?
Get the volume release here.  Very minor edit in one page.

Finally? Yes, finally. Sorry for all the delay. Stuff… happened. Yeah. Anyway, we’ll still be doing the series, but it’s not really at top priority considering the size of the chaps, so expect the next chapter in maybe 2 or 3 months. 😛


8 thoughts on “Fujimi Lovers 03 [Volume Release]

  1. An amazing chapter, I’m really glad you’re doing this series as it became pretty much an instant-favorite from the very first release.

    A slight pity it’ll get released so slowly, but I’m thankful you’re doing it all the same.

  2. really, thank you for scanlating this series! it doesn’t get the appreciation it deserves on the big sites, so i came here especially to say my thanks and to encourage you to keep scanlating this wonderful manga!

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