Mousugu Shinu Hito 10

Seeking for Death | Views: 10 ▶ That’s why, all this time

> Author doesn’t update since June
> Suddenly releases 3 chapters

ASDFGHJKL. *deep breath* one at a time…

Thanks to Tai for helping with this spread page, and to Cooki3zz, my savior typesetter ❤

Imaimo 12 and Imaimo Clip Subbed!

Imaimo Matsuri Bath Scene -> Download at Mirrorcreator
Imaimo 12 ->  Download at Mediafire

Yaaaaay!!! A lot of thanks to Hobbes, who worked so so so hard to typeset the sub for this clip! THANK YOUUUU! See and hear Matsuri’s loveliness ❤

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a patch for the game. I wanted to share this scene, so I translated it and Hobbes typesetted it through Aegisub. No, I will not upload to mediafire or youtube because I do not want my accounts to be suspended.

Now, share the Matsuri love ❤ HNNNNGGGGHHHH!

Darwin’s Game 09


Let’s welcome September with a bang! DG09 is finally out! A lot of thanks goes to s3xIvy for providing the funds, ER for scanning, the usual staff (Clovis, lbmdoubt, Taka) for helping with the rest of the scanlation process!

I know I probably haven’t lived up to my promise of “lots of releases in late July/early August” but at least now, I can really promise to release at least once a month for the next 7 chapters until my break comes along. Thanks for the patience!