Imaimo 12 and Imaimo Clip Subbed!

Imaimo Matsuri Bath Scene -> Download at Mirrorcreator
Imaimo 12 ->  Download at Mediafire

Yaaaaay!!! A lot of thanks to Hobbes, who worked so so so hard to typeset the sub for this clip! THANK YOUUUU! See and hear Matsuri’s loveliness ❤

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a patch for the game. I wanted to share this scene, so I translated it and Hobbes typesetted it through Aegisub. No, I will not upload to mediafire or youtube because I do not want my accounts to be suspended.

Now, share the Matsuri love ❤ HNNNNGGGGHHHH!


16 thoughts on “Imaimo 12 and Imaimo Clip Subbed!

  1. Thanks for the releases, the game scene looks great. I doubt anyone will ever patch the game with all the work that involves, so its nice to see a teaser.

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