Mousugu Shinu Hito 10

Seeking for Death | Views: 10 ▶ That’s why, all this time

> Author doesn’t update since June
> Suddenly releases 3 chapters

ASDFGHJKL. *deep breath* one at a time…

Thanks to Tai for helping with this spread page, and to Cooki3zz, my savior typesetter ❤


7 thoughts on “Mousugu Shinu Hito 10

  1. hello,

    Thank you very much for the release, would you be able to tell me where i can get the older chapters to download or would you be able to host them?

    • Unfortunately, the previous scanlator retired and demolished his site. With Mangatraders down, I don’t really know where to download them, unless you’re diligent enough to save the pages one by one from batoto.

  2. thanks a lot this is nice
    i’ve been waiting for this chapter
    will be waiting for next two chapter 😉

    and one question where’d you get the raw? did you bought it?

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