Darwin’s Game 10 and Imaimo 14

Darwin’s Game | game#10

Special thanks to Zelcain and his friend, OblvnZ, for translating and proofreading this chapter. I’ll be counting on them from now on, so go tell them how awesome they are! ^_^

Imaimo 14: The Wristwatch Memento

Is it just me, or does Rikuto’s mom look a lot like Matsuri? On another note, a 10-ish page bonus chapter came with Volume 3, and I managed to get my hands on them thanks to Black Phoenix ❤ Any tips on debinding?


12 thoughts on “Darwin’s Game 10 and Imaimo 14

  1. Thanks for the new ImaImo chapter!

    As for debinding, I normally go with an iron at the minimum setting, using some oven paper between the hot surface and the manga spine to catch any excess glue.
    I’ve seen posts that claim that if you’re careful you can rebind the book after scanning the same way, never tried myself though.

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