Imaimo Extra [End]

Imasugu Onii-chan ni Imouto da tte Iitai! | Extra Chapter: Secret Shopping
Volume 3 batch

Here you go, Imaimo: The Underwear Story. Aaaand, that’s it. Hope you had a fun ride, no matter how disappointing the ending may have been. Matsuri forevah ❀ Go play the game if you haven’t had enough Matsuri ^_^

Again, thanks to Black Phoenix for financing this volume, just so we could release this extra chapter. ^_^


12 thoughts on “Imaimo Extra [End]

  1. M-U says that this is a prequel (or sequel, if someone made a mistake; also, spin-off or main story, probably the former due to the year) to Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate, but neither the characters, the school nor the mangakas are the same. Is it worong or are they truly related?

    • If anything, I’d call it a same-world story (can’t remember the term). Imaimo and KoiChoco are both adapted from visual novels. KoiChoco was made by Sprite and Imaimo by Fairys (which is a child company of Sprite). They’re from the “same world” because they DO share some characters, specifically Shinonomiya and Chisato who appear as side characters in Imaimo. Shinonomiya is Matsuri’s childhood friend, and Chisato is Ayumu’s cousin. Imaimo also occurs a few years before KoiChoco, when Shinonomiya and the rest are still in middle school. ^_^ Whoops, that was long. Hope that enlightened you, though πŸ™‚

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