Advanced Thanksgiving, I guess? >_<

Apologies for my inactivity this month. Here’s my one-word excuse: School. Probably won’t be releasing any more this month, so… Advanced happy thanksgiving! >_<
You can see the updates about my other series on the widget on the right.

Bocchi na Bokura no Renai Jijou | Chapter 12
All chapters translated. Just wait for the TS and we’ll be done with this series soon!

Darwin’s Game | game#11
Chapter 12 translated. Just wait to get it TLC’ed, TS’ed and redrawn. Also, there are extra chapters in all the DG volumes, and I’ll be doing those before releasing ch12.

Kaidan to Odorou | 4th Period: Search Operation
Halfway done! Just a little more and I can get rid of myself of this burden 😛 (Yes, I’m saying that to you, B016)

Love Tyrant | Sixteenth Episode
All chaps until ch25 translated. ❤ Tai for all the work he’s done on this series.

Mahou Shoujo Site | ENTER.14 – Successor
Until ch16 TS’ed, just gotta get some free time to actually QC them for release.

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