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ENTER.18 – The Boundary between Life and Death

In other news, Mousugu Shinu Hito and Yandere Harem will be getting a new chapter on the 21st. Unfortunately, I’ve got exams this week, so you’ll have to wait until Sunday for Yandere Harem at least. Sincerest apologies, but I’m already failing my Law class as it is 😥

Hello 2015! 🎆

Obligatory first post and offseason pic of Kei. Hnnngh! Happy new year! manabe_kei_swimsuit

Releases for today:
Love Tyrant 17.5 | Chapter 00
Technically Chapter 00, as it takes place right before chapter 1, but it was released after Chapter 17.5. Akane HNGH as always ❤

Kaidan to Odorou | Final Period: Whoever
Batch release of the volume here.
Yaaaaaayyyyy!! I’m finally done with this shit! Mwahahaha! I didn’t really like it at first (I mean, come on, lookit that art D:), but it was a pretty fun read these past few chapters. That one wtf panel at the end though o.O

Helloooo 2015! I can feel my retirement coming this year! But… Oho? What’s this? OHMAIGAH WHAT’S THIS!? roankun is picking up a new series! lololol (I swear, I’m going insane) chiguhagu
Chiguhagu Lovers | Oneshot Part 1

So like, I’ve had my eye on this one since around May last year, but the raws were shit and the author was popular, so I figured someone else would probably pick it up. But then no one did. And Phoenix was bugging me about doing some kind of joint so I was like, fine let’s do this shit >:) So yeah, a joint with Phoenix Translations.

Doesn’t change the fact that the public raws are shit though. I only inked about 3 pages before giving up with the excuse that “Yeah, no one effin’ cares anyway”. We’ll be buying the tanks for the series itself, so that’s something to look forward to, I guess.

Sooo… that’s it. Happy 2015!