Abnormal 12(7) – Dropped



18 thoughts on “Abnormal 12(7) – Dropped

  1. aw, wish i could see what happens next >.>

    Ty for the effort to this point and hope to see more of your other stuff.

  2. From your retirement announce I understood that you already had dropped abnormal, so I was surprised to see the batoto RSS about chapter 12 xddd

    ¡Qué tengas in buen viaje (y buena vida)!

    Hasta la vista.

  3. Wow, all the gratitude I had for all the work you did before, just kind of evaporated.
    Why the dick move? Why couldn’t you have just left it at chapter 11? Are you Attention Deficit or something?

    • 😦 I didn’t really think of it that way. I honestly did do it because of the ch12 typo i made on the initial dropping announcement. 😦
      Most of the scanlators I know are well, gentlemen of sorts, so they won’t pick up something you’ve kinda marked as well, territory. And even if I fixed the announcement on this site, not like anyone comes here much anyway. 😦 I honestly thought this was the best way. I mean, of course I’m kinda sorry for not finishing the chapter, but I just couldn’t do it anymore 😦

      long post. tl;dr I’m sorry 😦

      • I’m sure the people insulting you right now are just frustrated. Don’t pay attention to them. Anyway, still thanks for your work. Readers have no right to criticize you for doing something you like as a hobby. Now that you’ve pretty much quit tl’ing they suddenly have the gall to fling shit at you because they’re thinking it won’t affect your translating. They’re spoiled beyond return. This crap wouldn’t happen in the LN community, and honestly, I’m shocked at how people respond to this.

  4. I have no idea why people are upset at all. Thanks for trying to get through chapter 12 even though it was painful for you, and especially thanks for all that you’ve done up to now. Good luck!

  5. It sure is disappointing to see this series being dropped. And you even suffered while trying to complete this chapter? I’m curious to know if it really got that bad to deserve this, or there is other reason for Abnormal to be dropped like this?

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