Fujimi Lovers 7

Kinda overdue, but… Oh well.

#7: Hug Teddy Bear

Here’s a call for help. I need someone to help me clear the dust. Basically, like this:


Your help will be greatly appreciated, and exponentially speed up the release (unless you don’t mind that the next chapter comes out in December). :) All you’ll need is a lot of free time. Send me a message if you’re interested ;)


16 thoughts on “Fujimi Lovers 7

  1. Just going to ask a bit for confirmation; on page 44 (on the page it says 460), are the one captioned for the 1st panel an accurate translation, or is it a mis-interpretation from your team?
    Thanks for replying.

  2. Hi I would like to help with the cleaning but don’t know how to sent a PM on wordpress. Reply if you still need help!

    • Hey. Thanks for the interest 🙂 I already have 2 volunteers helping me out right now, but if it doesnt work out with them, I’ll ask for your help. Thanks!

      • last post was june 22, it’s aug 7 now and I’m freaking dying atm. I need moar. I don’t mind helping ya, if thats what you need.

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