I’m roankun, and on this site, you’ll mostly see me dabbling in the scanlation scene. I usually (want to) work on series that have been dropped by other groups, or mangas that had anime adaptations but were never scanlated. But well, I work on mostly anything. All I ask is decent art and a half-decent plot. ^^

On the side, I also write fanfiction (although not anymore recently) and make visual novels (although I haven’t finished anything yet).

To contact me, you can just leave a comment, or PM me on batoto. If you need to contact me via email, you can see my email address here.

If you have any manga requests for me, see this page.
If you want to help out in any way, leave a comment, or PM me in the above-mentioned sites. I’ll reply as soon as I see it. ๐Ÿ˜€

54 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you so much for translating Ookami Kodomo Ame to Yuki chapters
    I have just read the Chapter 7 and I am really looking forward to reading the next one. And I hope the DVD will be released soon
    Thanks again for your work and Happy New Year !

  2. Thank you very much for picked up last game! , This is one of my favorite series ,please keep translate it and don’t drop this manga, I wish i can help you in any ways.

  3. What about edit your projects (translations and cleanings with proper credits) to another language, are you ok with that?

  4. Hey! I just wanted to say THANKS for translating Darwins Game! I just blew through it. Sounds cool; a mix of old school powers, game, points (a la Gantz) with modern tech like apps.

  5. Hello, Roankun, my name is Aiko from CLAMP Hitsuzen, I’m a translator of English-Spanish manga and LN. I was wondering if I can use your translation of Darwin’s Game for make one in Spanish. Is a really great manga and your translation is incredible. Thanks for all your hard work, I know that is hard make this so I’ll put your properly credits so don’t worry about it.

  6. Hi Roankun, I’m Ekriven, I used to work as a typesetter at S2 scans and Vortex scans. Do you want any help with scanlations? I could do proof-reading and if you could teach me some editing, that would be great. So, what do you think? ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Hey I’m the founder of Merry Scans (http://www.merryscans.blogspot.com.es/) and I want to tell you something.
    We traslate a manga into spanish called Kuzu no Honkai but the english scan that traslated it fistly dropped it. I want to propose you to work together in this manga, I need to translate it from Japanese to English and then we can work it, I have cleaners and redrawers is not a problem to edit it but we need a japanese translator thats why I propose you a Joint with us to translate this awesome manga. Here’s the link: http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=83812

    Thank you :3

  8. Hello, Roankun.
    I’m Littlefish, i’m a member of forum Vnsharing (http://vnsharing.net/forum/).
    Can you give me the permission to translate manga Imasugu Oniichan ni Imouto Datte Iitai! into Vietnamese?

    Thank you so very much for giving us the opportunity to read those marvelous translated manga.

    I hope you will answer soon.

  9. Hello. Sorry for bother you.

    I’m Pan, from Vietnam. I really love Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki (the one you dropped because of the licensed) and want to translate it into Vietnamese.
    But unfortunately, I can’t find all the Japanese raws of it (3 volumes). I only found Volume 1 raw and some chapters raws in Chinese (but it’s not full).
    So I’d like to ask if you have the raws of Volume 2 & 3. If you do, could you please send them to me? My email is pandat94@gmail.com .

    Thank you so much.

  10. Hello there.
    I’m just a random internet citizen. I can do cleaning and typesetting. My English is quite decent too. I’ve been wondering whether you need a help with scanlation since I can and willing to help. If you have a spot that I can fill please let me know about it.

  11. Hello, we’re BakaNeko Team from Vietnam, we want your permission to translate and edit Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki to Vietnamese. Please rep us fast, loveee youuuu โค

  12. Hello Roankun ^_^
    I’m an Italian Manga (and Anime too) fan-girl. Have an translate group on Batoto and I find you (lucky!) when click random button! I like your work and I would like you accept my request for re-translate some your scan (“Bocchi na bokura o renai jijou”, for sample, and others?). Can I?

    Thanks for your hard work! See you soon!


  13. I enjoyed the series u translated on, “Darwin’s Game,” I myself can only offer my skills in proofreading. I spent 2 years of college majoring in English and read many manga. I have once worked as a proofreader for another group but haven’t gotten any work and interested in trying to work on series. I’m probably useless to you but good work.

  14. Hi Roakun,

    I really enjoy your work, and I would like to offer help as a proofreader. I’m also native in mandarin, so I can do direct translations of most Kanji characters, if that matters. You probably get a thousand and one proofreader requests, so I understand if you don’t need mine. Just putting it out there. Still, thanks to you and your team for the scans!

    • Yo! I refrained from replying to your post because I was going to announce my retirement. Thanks for the offer though, and I hope you find a nice group that’ll take you in!

      • Yeah, read the post today. I only started following your scans this year, but you’ve become sort of my go to person for good scans. Really thankful for all your work! Personally saddened that Omaera Zenin Mendokusai! has been dropped. Hope that gets picked up again. But to you, a happy life!

    • Hi! Um. Actually, I WOULD mind. I’m already in the works of releasing the next chapter, so I’d really rather not have you work on it. I’m sorry.

  15. Hello, Roankung. I would like to ask if I could translate your translation of Hana to Uso to Makoto into Thai and share it on this non-commercial cartoon community website http://nekopost.net/ (This series is not licensed in our country) Of course, I would give you full credit of it.

    Thank you for your consideration in advance.

  16. Hi roankun. This may seem as out of context but do you remember the scanlation group “keydriven”, Do you have any info about them stopping scanlations?

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