The return of Yandere Harem (and LT 18)

Love Tyrant | Eighteenth Episode

Yandere Harem 11 | Happy new year, boy.

Apologies for the lateness. School has been killing, almost literally.


yAndErE hArEm 10

Yandere Harem 10: “…Just why are you so fascinated with this case?”

Yes, I’m sorry. I was on a trip, so I couldn’t do it right away. And then I started picking up new series…. @.@ Yeah. >.< Apologies. No ETA on next chap.

Technically a joint with psychedelia from KingyoKusa Scans.

P.S. Changed the “Kisaragi Town Phantom Killer” to “Kisaragi Ruthless Killer”. >.< I thought Phantom sounded cooler, but I’ve been regretting that… >.<

Yandere Harem 9 & Mendokusai 01

Apologies for the delay. I had exams. And my internet isn’t working, and Mediafire hates my neighbor’s wifi, so bear with Batoto for now.

Abnormal-kei Joshi 09: “Were you even listening?”
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And another series I found on Comic Meteor:

Omaera Zenin Mendokusai / You’re all annoying!
Author/Artist: Tobi
#1: I’m not your friend, I’m your teacher.
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Yandere Harem 08 (Masochist Route)

What a nice smile… Then you find out what she’s thinking about. D:
Abnormal-kei Shoujo 08: “I keep going around and owing people stuff. Something must be wrong with me.”

Hey you. Yes, you. I am disappointed in you. Did I not tell you to leave a comment in my blog when a new chapter is released on Comic Meteor? You have failed your duty as roankun’s aide. Tsk tsk.

lol, well, kidding aside… Yeah, no one told me about this chapter, so I really did not notice when it was released in November 6. Now our one-day release streak is broken. 😥 Thanks goes to Fstop for messaging me on batoto about this chapter and psychedelia for typesetting. So yeah, next time Sanada Juuichi decides to release a chapter, leave a comment so I’ll know about it. Thanks ^^

Moving on to other matters, I’ve started a one page a day campaign, wherein I translate at least one page a day for the following manga: Darwin’s Game, Baka ga Zenra de Yattekuru, Last Game and Sakura Sakura. Sure, one page a day isn’t much, but hey, it gets things done. XD At least you’ll know I’ll finish translating the chapter in a month. And there are times when I get this burst of energy, and as a result, I’ve finished translating Darwin’s Game 05 and Last Game 20 and half of 21. DG will be typeset when I get hold of Taka for the cleans.

So… apologies for the lateness, but I’m not dead yet!!! (I was just busy playing the Mashiroiro Symphony PSP game :P)

Yandere Harem 06

Chapter 6: My dear sister… Surely, you’re not being targeted, are you…?

Speedy scanlation coming up! *proud* Brought to you in less than 24 hours (don’t really know what time it was released but anyway), here’s ch6 of yandere harem 😀 I really wish they’d put a set date for the releases, although it’s kinda interesting(?) getting messages from people telling me it’s out (thanks to them, btw).

Thanks to psychedelia for editing! Again, no set date for ch7, so just let me know if you see it when you stalk Comic Meteor 😛