Baka Zenra 09 [End]

This scene made me laugh >_<

Baka ga Zenra de Yattekuru | Chapter 09: I had a dream, too.
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Thanks to everyone who helped out with this series, especially to Seoyun who introduced this series to me. Thanks for reading!


Time to open your presents!

Hohoho~ Merry Christmas~

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Welp, that was fun. That was exactly the kind of response I was looking for XD Kinda wanted more, but… meh, I’m already sick as it is. Is this karma? :O

Anyway, here’s the password: nanasematsuri<3
(I told you it was already in the post :P)

And here are some volume downloads that I forgot to put up (not official volume numbering, just grouped them by 5):
Baka ga Zenra de Yattekuru v1 c01-05
Mahou Shoujo Site v1 c01-05
Darwin’s Game v1 c01-05

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve release!

roankun here, greeting you all a merry Christmas~! Since you’ve all been good boys and girls this year (have you?), Santa will give you a gift! XD (And no, I did not stall releases for December just to have a Christmas release. Not at all. >.> *cough cough*)

But since it’s still the eve, I’m just gonna put presents under your tree. No opening until Christmas. >:) And so, all zip files are password-protected. I’ll post the password tomorrow, when it’s really Christmas. mwahaha >:)

EDIT: Password here

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Baka Zenra 04

Chapter 4: My small bit of courage

Moe moe Shouko? Sorry this took so long. >.< I got bored of translating for a while and… the rest is history. >.< Fortunately, Chapter 5 is already translated, so at least we know now that it won’t be stalled there 😛

Darwin’s Game, unfortunately, won’t be done by this weekend. Sorry. :((( Maybe next weekend?

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