C Cubed 06 (volume release)

Chapter 6
Volume 1

Yay~! Finally done with volume one! The volume release includes the chap 1 release by Overload Scans over 2 years ago XD

There’s still 2 volumes left, but StalkeR and I talked about it, and I told him that he can take over the series 😉 He also translated some chapters for vol 1, so I figured he can probably do it on his own 😀 Go say hi to him and wish him luck over at his new-found group, Horrible Scans.

C Cubed 02

C Cubed: Chapter 2

A new pick-up, translated AND typesetted by the amazing StalkeR! It’s his first translation experience, so give him a pat on the back 😀 (I never finished the anime, so to be honest, I don’t know what’s going on XD)

A few words from StalkeR: Sorry for making you people out there wait soo long for this manga to be updated. blah blah blah. hope you enjoy my horrible translation. blah blah blah. Please look forward to more of our releases. 🙂

We are looking for translators for this series! Email me or leave a comment if you’re interested 😀