Hakoiri 41 [End]

Courtesy of Hobbes 😛

Final Chapter: Together Forever
Hakoiri Devil Princess v06 c36-41 [Sense-Scans & THMMY  Scans & roankun]

Well, it’s finally over. Bob, you can stop wanting my children now XD

Special thanks to Sense Scans and THMMY Scans for letting me include their scans in the volume release!


Hakoiri Devil Princess 38

Chapter 38 | Operation: Rescue Maki

No, this didn’t come from the left field, and no, I am not breaking my retirement oath by picking this up. >.< I mentioned that I might pick up two series on my anniversary post, and this is one of them. Requested by timgorden11, and just 4 chapters (now, just 3) away from completion.

According to this post by Sense-Scans, it was dropped, so… yeah. >.<

Disclaimer: Neither I nor my typesetter enjoy this series very much, so we don’t really know what’s going on. >.< Personally, I’ve only read volume 1 to get the gist of the series. So, apologies if there any inconsistencies, mistakes in the translation.