Iinari Princess 8.5 [END]

Special Touch: Kotatsu ☆ Princess
Volume 1 c01-08

Aaand there it ends. ^^ Finally, should I say. >.< Nope, you’re not gonna get any more fap fuel from me >:P I’ve decided to walk the road of the pure and innocent (lol)

2nd Year Anniversary! v(^o⌒)-☆

Yup, you read that right. I have officially wasted 2 years of my life in scanlation. XD Lots of releases after the jump. 😀

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Christmas Eve release!

roankun here, greeting you all a merry Christmas~! Since you’ve all been good boys and girls this year (have you?), Santa will give you a gift! XD (And no, I did not stall releases for December just to have a Christmas release. Not at all. >.> *cough cough*)

But since it’s still the eve, I’m just gonna put presents under your tree. No opening until Christmas. >:) And so, all zip files are password-protected. I’ll post the password tomorrow, when it’s really Christmas. mwahaha >:)

EDIT: Password here

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Iinari Princess 04

touch04: Sudsy☆Princess

Whew, and that’s the last of my manga spurt for this week (or maybe month). >.< I think I’m burnt out. Also sent the TL for Last Game 18 to asdf Scans, so you can expect that sometime. Sorry I can’t provide you with Megu Milk. Maybe if someone nice volunteers to help Nolibrarium with the typesetting, we could chug the rest of the chaps out? :3

Iinari Princess 03

Title: Iinari Princess
Author: Nakata Yumi
Chapter 1 & Chapter 2 by Dame!translations (NSFW)
Chapter 3: Fidgeting☆Princess
This series is borderline-H. Read at your own discretion.

It’s finally done~ You have no idea how many times this chapter was redone @.@
Anyway, special thanks goes to Yasushi for translating, to ironbeard for helping out, and to Kiss for teaching me how to clean.
Can’t believe that I’m posting borderline-H material right after we release a pure shoujo manga >.<

Final Yellow Gate chapter tomorrow~