Imaimo Extra [End]

Imasugu Onii-chan ni Imouto da tte Iitai! | Extra Chapter: Secret Shopping
Volume 3 batch

Here you go, Imaimo: The Underwear Story. Aaaand, that’s it. Hope you had a fun ride, no matter how disappointing the ending may have been. Matsuri forevah ❤ Go play the game if you haven’t had enough Matsuri ^_^

Again, thanks to Black Phoenix for financing this volume, just so we could release this extra chapter. ^_^

Halloween Release 🎃

Aloha, readers! It’s the last day of October and that only means one thing… Happy Halloween!

Omaera Zenin Mendokusai! | #9: The Night at the Suspension Bridge Classroom
The only “true” Halloween chapter in all the releases for today. Thanks to Tai, as always!

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve added a new widget to the right, which is a translation progress bar, since no one looks at my Progress page anyway (not like I’ve updated it since forever :P). It basically follows the following format:
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More releases after the jump 😉

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Darwin’s Game 10 and Imaimo 14

Darwin’s Game | game#10

Special thanks to Zelcain and his friend, OblvnZ, for translating and proofreading this chapter. I’ll be counting on them from now on, so go tell them how awesome they are! ^_^

Imaimo 14: The Wristwatch Memento

Is it just me, or does Rikuto’s mom look a lot like Matsuri? On another note, a 10-ish page bonus chapter came with Volume 3, and I managed to get my hands on them thanks to Black Phoenix ❤ Any tips on debinding?

Imaimo 12 and Imaimo Clip Subbed!

Imaimo Matsuri Bath Scene -> Download at Mirrorcreator
Imaimo 12 ->  Download at Mediafire

Yaaaaay!!! A lot of thanks to Hobbes, who worked so so so hard to typeset the sub for this clip! THANK YOUUUU! See and hear Matsuri’s loveliness ❤

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a patch for the game. I wanted to share this scene, so I translated it and Hobbes typesetted it through Aegisub. No, I will not upload to mediafire or youtube because I do not want my accounts to be suspended.

Now, share the Matsuri love ❤ HNNNNGGGGHHHH!

Imaimo 10 and Hana 6

Imaimo Chapter 11: Bonds

It was beyond repair (or maybe I just didn’t know how), so I redrew the entire panel (and didnt notice that he was wearing button-down pajamas. Ugh). See how much effort I put into this? (Not that I’m doing a good job of it or anything </3)

Hana to Uso to Makoto: Chapter 6

Caught up with the chapters out in Tap! This is a weekly, so expect weekly updates, I guess (as long as it doesn’t get too wordy).

Makoto 04, Mashiro Twinkle 3 & Imaimo 9

Well… I really didnt expect to release this today (or anything else for that matter, but this were all ready for release anyway).

Hana to Uso to Makoto: Chapter 4

Welp, erm… things getting clearer? Maybe? XD

Mashiroiro Symphony – Twinkle Moon 03: Do you want to “be” his girlfriend?
May I just say that this was ready for release 2 months ago? Rawr.

Imaimo 09: Lying for Whose Sake

Matsuri, still best girl.