Mashiro Twinkle and Wind Bonus Chaps

Mashiro Twinkle Moon and Wind of Silk Bonus Chapters

There’s a reason why Twinkle Moon’s code name between me and my typesetter is “Star Boobies” ()()

Well, those two series are finally over. With this, my Mashiro load is all done! Get the volume releases here.

Mashiro Twinkle 04 and Wind 06

Final chaps of the last two Mashiro alternate routes. Although to be honest, both were really badly adapted XD
Also, there’s an extra chapter for both series. Coming when I get some more time (damn exam week).

Wind of Silk 06: If I don’t act stubborn

Very badly adapted. This basically just took the Miu route (anime, actually) and ended it with Shingo/Sana pairing. In the PSP game, they delved more into Sana’s family, and her little brother played a very big role in bringing you two together. Such a shame, really. Just go play the game and treat yourself to eye candy CG.

No kiss scene here. Mwahahaha. Oh, and thanks to Cooki3zz for TS-ing.

Twinkle Moon 04: What you think are your greatest feelings…

Take that Sana fans! Yutsuki got a kiss! HAHAHAHA. Welp, that was fast. XD

Makoto 04, Mashiro Twinkle 3 & Imaimo 9

Well… I really didnt expect to release this today (or anything else for that matter, but this were all ready for release anyway).

Hana to Uso to Makoto: Chapter 4

Welp, erm… things getting clearer? Maybe? XD

Mashiroiro Symphony – Twinkle Moon 03: Do you want to “be” his girlfriend?
May I just say that this was ready for release 2 months ago? Rawr.

Imaimo 09: Lying for Whose Sake

Matsuri, still best girl.

Christmas Eve release!

roankun here, greeting you all a merry Christmas~! Since you’ve all been good boys and girls this year (have you?), Santa will give you a gift! XD (And no, I did not stall releases for December just to have a Christmas release. Not at all. >.> *cough cough*)

But since it’s still the eve, I’m just gonna put presents under your tree. No opening until Christmas. >:) And so, all zip files are password-protected. I’ll post the password tomorrow, when it’s really Christmas. mwahaha >:)

EDIT: Password here

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