New Year’s Eve Release

Hahaha, how I’d love to pull another trick like what I did on Christmas, but I don’t want to pile up negative karma right before the start of the new year. I’m cleansing my soul now. 😛

Anyway, here are my two final releases for the year 2013! Megu Milk and Satougashi no Dangan wa Uchinukenai!

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Megu Milk 14

Megu Milk 14: Rain after Bikini☆

Thanks to Snow-san for typesetting! 🙂
Next chapter is the last. Plot has finally descended upon this series… Or has it? >:)

On another note, thanks to all the people who reminded me of Chapter 3 of Mahou Shoujo Site. Yep, it’s out. I don’t have time right now though, but I’ll do it as soon as I can. >.<

Megu Milk 11

Chapter 11: W♥Triangle
Words of Nolibrarium: Never give a child a dictionary. Never.

And the title doesn’t make sense, as usual. The plot finally starts showing signs of existence!!! >.< Be ready for a… er… roller coaster ride of emotions (lol).

btw, I forgot to include the inner cover in the ch10 release despite asking the.whiskey.rebel to rescan it. >.< I included it in this release.

Megu Milk 09 (volume release)

Chapter 9: Little Sister☆Invasion (includes bonus chapter: Girls’ Day)
Volume 2

This chapter Introduces the loli imouto as well as lots of fan service, as per usual ^^;
Oh, I forgot to mention it before, but that credit page was made by none other than Nolibrarium, who also typesetted and redrew this chappie.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank vipo for saying thank you on just about all of my release posts >.< Much appreciated, man.