3rd Anniversary (▼へ▼メ)

Uh-huh, I have wasted 3 years of my life scanlating, and guess what? It’s finally coming to an end. I’ve translated a little over 500 chapters in those 3 years, and it was a great learning experience. Thanks to everyone who supported, followed, and helped me become the person I am now.

I’ll be retiring from scanlation, for real this time. Here’s the announcement regarding the series I’m working on:
Black and White Bubble

Releases after the jump!

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Halloween Release 🎃

Aloha, readers! It’s the last day of October and that only means one thing… Happy Halloween!

Omaera Zenin Mendokusai! | #9: The Night at the Suspension Bridge Classroom
The only “true” Halloween chapter in all the releases for today. Thanks to Tai, as always!

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve added a new widget to the right, which is a translation progress bar, since no one looks at my Progress page anyway (not like I’ve updated it since forever :P). It basically follows the following format:
latest_chapter_translated/total_chapters  Name_of_manga [Next_chapter_for_release – Status]

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Shinu Hito Bonus 4-koma

Mousugu Shinu Hito 8.5: Bonus 4-koma and Color Illustrations

Yes, I picked it up. >.< I couldn’t help myself. I’ve been wanting to pick this up in forever because of the beautiful art, but someone else was doing it. Then, I recently found out Arainami is retiring, so… yeah. (What about my own retirement? D:) A-A-And, I know it’s just been four days, b-b-but… >.<

P.S. I’ve never read the series before though. XD About time to start, yeah. >.<

And that image reminds me of The Witch’s House. XD Creepiest 16bit game evah. Right up there next to Corpse Party. >.<